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Sales Document IBS Ultra Sine Inverter


Reason of this document:

Due to a change of our key products, we need more capacity for engineering and manufacturing.

This Ultra Sine Inverter technology is well suitable for high volume production what we can not do. A technical capable company with engineering and manufacturing capacity and competence can bring this technology to new shores. We love this great technology but plan to move on.


Inverters convert battery voltage into 230V AC voltage. Sine wave inverters deliver the same sine wave signal as the public grid. High frequency technology is the most modern technology.


The inverter family US30/50/80 (300W/500W/800W, Generation 1) was developed in collaboration with Mr. Kanyo from Häner & Partner Engineering and IBS in Thun. The rights to this technology were purchased by IBS in 1998.
In further in-house development work, Generation 2 was developed with the same power range.
The complete redesign of Generation 3 and finally 4 with the new power classes 1600W, 800W and 400W was developed over 8 years and supplemented by the third-party product 150W (Panelectron, Hungary).
The actual generation 4 is now on the market and in production.
In addition to the main product line, there is the USi Ultra Sine industrial with a waterproof IP66 housing with 800W and 1600W output power, which are used by foreign militaries (French army, English army, British Land-Rover ambulances in Iraq, Indian army with Kabel Brugg's motor-controlled project; Unwinding fiber optic cables on trucks).
All devices can be controlled with RP03 or RP04 Remote control(D+ control from vehicle).
The latest accessory is the US-TSFI transfer switch with “FI four-wire earth leakage protection switch” with bord net and charging output.

Production data:

Approx. 3000 devices have been manufactured to date. The old US30 (300W) and the current US160 (1600W) are the two best-selling models.
Development effort for generations 2,3 and 4 is approx. 7000 hours.
The inverter technology (generation 1) was taken over by Häner & Partner Engineering for a considerable amount.

Further development:      

  • 1600W stacking interface for 2 inverters in parallel mode
  • 2400W and 3000W models to complement the product range
  • Equip inverters from 1600W with a transfer switch and FI protectio
  • DSC (dynamic Surge Control)
  • BLE integration (we are developing IBS BLE system technology for new other IBS products)
  • Off-grid inverter from e.g. 500V Li-Ion solar battery with up to approx. 4000W output
  • Adaptation for railway technology
  • Develop combination device (inverter/charger) in one case.

Advantage of inouse engineering and manufacturing:

Current manufacturing is in Bern Switzerland, there are relatively high production costs, which can be significantly reduced.

The costs of production parts such as housings or transformers/chokes can also be significantly reduced if they are manufactured in-house or in high volume.

Technical facts:

The devices are built on IPC3 printed circuit boards. The products operate under extreme conditions and have been designed for such applications. The devices can be operated at -52°C (Finland expedition in January) or extreme desert temperatures at +53°C in the shade (Outback Australia).

The devices are designed as push-pull converters with a 12kHz conversion frequency. The energy is stored in the DC intermediate circuit up to a maximum of 600V and the sine wave is generated via an IGBT full bridge.

The devices have a current limiting function and DSC (Dynamic Surge Control), which means that high loads can be started without the inverter switching off.

Tests with our IBS lithium batteries have shown that the performance of the Inverters is increased by approx. 10-15%.

The devices are controlled by two processors, an MSP430 processor for the primary side with controller of all battery values and input current as well as control of the push-pull FET transistors and an ARM processor for the secondary side with the main task of sine wave control and control of the output current and AC output voltage.


  •  Where possible, all devices use the same parts and components to reduce costs
  • The devices are prepared for E-Mark “automotive” certification, all necessary protective parts are used
  • Manufacturing follows RoHS guidelines
  • The US160 has “stacking interface” preparation (2 inverters in parallel), which was not implemented due to time constraints
  • Transformer and chokes sophisticated technology, chokes with variable air gap and partly built with HF strand. Manufactured by Wagner and Grimm Lucerne Switzerland
  • Load sensing low battery cut-off
  • Single board design with pluggable processor prints
  • In-house developed IGBT driver module
  • The devices are built for 12V and 24V use, other voltages can be addapted.
  • The US160 was built once as a US version with 115V/60Hz, working device available
  • All prints in IPC3 standard
  • Metal parts: Meyer Blech Technik AG and Phoenix Mecano Components AG
  • Construction data: Eagle Layout, IAR Processor Platform, Solidworks and Fusion360 CAD
  • Processor technology: TI MSP430 and ARM
  • EMC support: Werner Marti Wetzikon
  • The devices are manufactured in Bern Switzerland

Special included technologies:

  •  Inverters are equipped with overcurrent limitation instead of shutdown
  • Chokes with variable air gap
  • Light, flat and compact thanks to high-frequency transformers
  • Dynamic starting current monitoring (DSC)
  • Load sensing low battery cut-off

Customers references:

We are welcome to provide list if required



Link for Sales Document: IBS_Ultra_Sine_Inverter_Familie1e.pdf